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“Wonderful” Shark Tank Investor Shifts Portion of Portfolio To Bitcoin and Ethereum

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“Wonderful” Shark Tank Investor Shifts Portion of Portfolio To Bitcoin and Ethereum

The pandemic and consequent stimulus-related money printing propelled the scarce asset with futuristic, decentralized use cases to the forefront of finance, and since then, no one can deny their relevancy and possible.
What will the result be when large portfolios are crypto-dominant? It is a future that’s hard to imagine for the time being, but as the asset class has shown its transformative capacity has nowhere been exploited, and is only just beginning to show what it’s capable of.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are extremely volatile compared to conventional asset counterparts. That volatility has retained Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary from making a bid on the asset class for years, aside from a small purchase he made on Coinbase in 2017.

ABC’s Shark Tank Investor Kevin O’Leary Allocates 3% Into Bitcoin And Ethereum

Over the last couple of years, the affectionally-dubbed”Mr. Wonderful” has appeared on CNBC blasting the asset class as”garbage,” but he has now purchased into interlocking bucket of Bitcoin and Ethereum with at least 3% of his portfolio, according to a recent section.
With that widespread realization that these technologies are”here to stay” as O’Leary said, there’s a mad dash to buy in now as opposed to paying increasingly higher prices later on. High wealth individuals like O’Leary, whose net worth is reportedly around $400 million are only just starting to allocate 3% of their portfolios and look how much the asset’s price has appreciated.
 bitcoin ethereum shark tank kevin oleary
The rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum within the last year has been undeniable


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