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Trend Micro IoT Security 2.0 Enhances End User Protection and Device Makers’ Reputation

Trend Micro IoT Security 2.0 Enhances End User Protection and Device Makers’ Reputation

Micro Incorporated
; TSE:
), a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today announced
the global launch of Trend Micro IoT Security (TMIS) 2.0 to help
manufacturers and managed service providers improve the security of
their products and the wider IoT ecosystem, while enabling them to drive
competitive differentiation.

With most traditional security products, it’s not possible for end users
to install protection for IoT solutions by themselves, which is where
TMIS 2.0 comes in.

“IoT threats are no longer theoretical: endpoints around the globe are
being hijacked for data theft, attacked with ransomware and
crypto-mining malware, conscripted into DDoS botnets and more,” said
Akihiko Omikawa, executive vice president of Trend Micro. “It’s vital
that manufacturers step up to raise the bar on security. By integrating
threat monitoring, detection and protection into the device itself,
consumers and businesses will enhance their security from the moment
they install and switch on TMIS 2.0. That’s the kind of value the market
is increasingly demanding of IoT device makers.”

The TMIS 2.0 platform can be pre-installed onto IoT devices during the
product development lifecycle, requiring minimum deployment effort and
providing maximum protection through a range of system hardening and
risk detection features.

This updated version offers tight integration with Trend Micro’s
industry-leading threat intelligence platform the Smart
Protection Network
to offer a Web Reputation Service and IoT
Reputation Service which block visits to malicious URLs/websites.

The improved installation script makes integration easier for device
makers and IoT MSPs, and provides new capabilities to automate security
learnings for these firms with less operational effort.

Reports on vulnerabilities, virtual patch deployment and more are
emailed to administrators and device makers to provide more flexible
management capabilities. A security detection log is stored locally and
can be accessed by the device maker for each specific purpose (e.g. to
show red light on the device). TMIS 2.0 also boasts an offline mode and
proxy support for a wider range of networking environments.

All of these enhancements come alongside the product’s comprehensive
range of security capabilities: Application Whitelisting, Hosted
Intrusion Prevention Services (HIPS), and System Vulnerability Scanning.

Together, they work to reduce the device attack surface, ensure firmware
integrity and block active attacks — minimizing cyber risk for the end
customer but also keeping device maintenance costs as low as possible
while burnishing the corporate reputation of the device maker/MSP.

More information of Trend Micro IoT Security, please visit: Trend
Micro IoT Solutions

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Published at Wed, 09 Jan 2019 18:00:00 +0000