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Trading Forex Trends

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Trading Forex Trends


Trading Forex Trends



Types of Trends


the average price of a currency moves to a particular direction repeatedly then
that is termed a trend. There are three types of trends found in the forex
market: Long term, Medium term and short term.


trend that has duration of greater than 6 weeks is called a long term trend.


medium term trend lasts from 1 to maximum 6 weeks.


a short term trend occurs for a very short period of time – from 30 minutes to
a week.


of the successful traders made their fortune by following either long or medium
term trends as they are easy to identify and less risky to trade. In contrast,
short term trends often reverse suddenly, and the increase trading costs of
moving in and out of positions means that short term trend following is less


Causes of trends


economic condition of a country plays significant role in the occurrence of a
trend regarding its currency. Good economic conditions appreciate the value of
a currency relative to others whilst a negative economic outlook depreciates
the currency.  Since the economy of a
country changes fairly slowly, the trends can be quite long term.


trend of a currency depends on perceptions of traders, based on known economic
information. Traders often come to a consensus, and this opinion tends to
result in trends.


when a trend is identified, the majority of the traders tend to follow that
which reinforces the trend.


Profiting from trends


a trend and knowing the entry and exit point of it is the key for your success
in forex trading. Every currency has its own trend with unique characteristics.
You can identify the trend of a currency by comparing its present price
movement with historical data. You need to enter the trend on the basis of its
direction. When you see the trend is about to exhaust, close your trades.


example, if US dollar loses its value against the other major currencies, you
can recognize the trend regarding this and can buy EUR/USD pairs. You need to
set the stop loss point in a level where the stop will only get activated if
the trend changes its direction. You should not over- leverage yourself as you
are going for the long term trend and need to withstand some short term adverse
movements. You can understand the movement by closely observing the price


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