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Stellar Founder/Ripple Co-Founder Cites Importance Of Decentralization

Blockchain And Crypto To Change Banking

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Stellar has been successful in part because it’s not limited its investor base to just a few participants. The coin has been spread widely, he said.
McCaleb said it is extremely difficult to run nodes out Ripple Labs, and also that the Ripple team conducts most of the nodes need to concern people.

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Ripple Is Centralized

Stellar’s coins, called lumens and XLMs, rated among the 10 biggest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization earlier this year, although the currency has since dropped by around 34% on the year.
Stellar’s transaction settlement is five seconds or less, which is a lot faster than bitcoin, he noted.
A centralized fiscal payment system is not going to be a better than PayPal or Swift, he told CNBC’s “Fast Money” on Friday. He said decentralization provides the path to network growth and ubiquity.
In the subsequent 10 years, most assets, including those that aren’t crypto resources, will eventually become digitized, he said. Over another 10 years, McCaleb predicted most assets, even non-crypto assets, can eventually become jaded.
McCaleb, who serves as Stellar’s chief technology officer, said Stellar is an online level protocol. He explained the protocol ought to be performed by a non-profit entity, and noticed that had the Internet been generated by a for-profit company, it would seem very different now.

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies may change banking in the long run by making a people ledger everybody can observe that cannot be changed at random, McCaleb told CNBC last week.


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Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Ripple along with the founder of the Mt. Gox market before promoting it in 2011, asserts a decentralized network is vital for a cryptocurrency to be successful in the long run. This is the reason he split away from Ripple to sort in 2014.