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Sports And Entertainment Centric Token Chiliz CHZ Added To The Growing List Of Coins On OKEx

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Consumers are already eligible to win the lucky draw for one of two massive prize pools consisting of $75,000 each, as well as an additional $10,000 in CHZ rewards available through referrals, by simply depositing or trading CHZ.

“Chiliz has discovered another essential use case for blockchain technology demonstrating how the sports and entertainment industries can adapt to an increasingly digital world and create new revenue streams beyond conventional resources,” commented OKEx CEO Jay Hao.
More than 20 major sporting and eSport organizations have developed Fan Tokens through Socios.com in an attempt to monetize each brand’s loyal international fanbase, ranging from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-German, AC Milan into Team Heretics, and a lot more.

Hao says the company couldn’t be pleased to support the initiative, continuing that fans embracing cryptocurrencies could help propel the asset class into the”mainstream” — and it’s as of late.
The giveaway phase began on March 3 when CHZ deposits went live and remains active until March 10 at 7:00 AM UTC.

Half A Million Downloads By Fans And Growing: Why CHZ Is The Hottest Crypto Token Around

OKEx is keen on staying several steps before the current ongoing trend. This is evident by the platform’s commitment to be one of the first to introduce innovative DeFi jobs and other niches within the blockchain space. Because of this, OKEx has started deposits for Chiliz’s CHZ token starting March 3, with spot trading and withdrawals going live shortly after that.  

Sports and entertainment are one of those industries which were hit hard by the pandemic, but fan-focused collectibles offered as crypto assets called NFTs have supplied them the much needed recovery in terms of earnings and resurgence of interest.
For a complete list of official rules, see the official giveaway landing page on OKEx.
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With over half a million downloads from inviting fans around the world, Fan Tokens helped generate $30 million in earnings for Socios.com and its partners in 2020. With fan-focused tokens becoming the hottest trend in crypto, 2021 is set to be even more rewarding for partners. 

With restrictions still taking some of the excitement out of spectator sports and other forms of live entertainment, these industries have struggled to maintain earnings to the detriment of enthusiast engagement. Chiliz’s platform Socios.com, launched in 2018, helps clubs and franchises function fans, bolster engagement, and create new lucrative revenue streams.


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