Mexico Customs Regulation for Shipments Coming In

Any items shipping into Mexico will usually go through
heavy Customs scrutiny. Mexican officials are usually extremely strict in
checking each and every shipment coming into the country. Any shipper should be
sure the items they plan to send will pass Customs importation laws. Anything
in a shipment found to be in violation of import regulations will be
confiscated and high violation fees will be assessed for the shipper. This
applies to bulk shipments where only one item is in violation. It is for this
reason that proper care should be taken to properly inventory all products in
your shipment.

The following is a summary of Mexican import regulations,
which are made up of a mix of international and domestic laws and regulations:

ITEMS – You can still import these restricted items so long as you pay the duty
fees. These items include: Items less than six months old (with original
invoices), duplicate appliances, antique items, silver and gold.

•           PROHIBITED
ITEMS – No port will allow any of these items into the country. These items
include: weapons, ammo, incendiary devices, narcotics and drugs, live plants,
pornography, oriental rugs, alcoholic beverages.

•           Motor
Vehicles – There are different sets of regulations for the importation of
vehicles, dependent upon the visa obtained by the shipper. Any vehicle imported
by a diplomat is automatically cleared for entry. For importers holding FM2 or
FM3 visas, temporary import permits can be granted and the following documents
will be required: original visa and passport (Mexican nationals only need their
passport); vehicle title, license, international credit card.

•           Pets -
American visitors to Mexico
can bring in a dog or cat as long as they present the following at the border:
pet health certificate signed by a veterinarian in the United States and issued no more than 72 hours
before the animal enters Mexico,
and a vaccination certificat showing treatments for rabies, distemperHealth Fitness Articles, hepatits
and leptospirosis. It is not required the the consular authorities of Mexico certify
the health or vaccination certificates. There will be a permit fee charged upon
the pet’s entry to Mexico.



Careful examination and implementation of the above
regulations pertaining to one’s import items leads to a hassle free and worry -
free shipping and importation.