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Dash FastPass Rollout Around Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Sparks Bullish Surge

Dash FastPass Rollout Around Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Sparks Bullish Surge


Dash FastPass Rollout Around Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Sparks Bullish Surge

To keep standards high for its users, Dash has launched the FastPass initiative. Selected partners will basically commit to meet specific standards set in cooperation with the early altcoin project. This is why this is a huge deal for cryptocurrency investors and why markets are currently responding.

Using these platforms and Dash’s fast trades, even bots will not be held back thanks to the high-speed altcoin. Source: TradingView

The trading part of the network is now live, but the Dash Core Group is working closely with these same partners to give instruction about all that Dash has to offer in a future update scheduled for early October.

Dash was bullish before the recent announcement, but following a change pattern, the FastPass news could make a breakout of the bullish chart pattern in DASH/USD.
Dash, has earned the reputation of being one of the longest surviving crypto assets in the industry. The project has developed specific standards to allow users to enjoy the best possible user experience. Expertise is what will, in the long run, drive user adoption, and Dash is paying close attention to this truth.
Dash’s FastPass initiative acts as a seal of approval implying that consumers can expect the maximum level of user experience when using the digital asset.
The”enhanced” experience is made possible through platforms that integrate ChainLocks or InstantSend, allowing users to access faster and more reliable transactions.

Released at Sat, 12 Sep 2020 19:35:14 +0000
DASHBTC 4-Hour Price Chart
Is the bullish momentum a surge in interest surrounding Dash, or has this most current FastPass announcement brought yet another significant boost to the crypto asset’s price?
With the DASH BTC trading group, a similar pattern has taken shape, but instead of an inverse head and shoulders, the bottom reversal pattern appears to resemble more of a triple bottom. The rise has formed a bull pennant that suggests that Dash is set to outperform the rest of the market — including Bitcoin — in the days ahead.

After the reverse head and shoulders pattern and an initial rise and throwback to support, an ascending triangle pattern has started forming, demonstrating that bulls are buying up any drops back down to the ascending support line.

A breakout is imminent, and based on previous price targets, DASH USD could retest highs. The cryptocurrency along with other big crypto assets could set another new 2020 high if the current support amounts can hold.

FastPass Initiative Rolls Out On Coinbase, Kucoin, Liquid, Other Top Platforms

The current roster of companies with FastPass standing is full of major crypto industry powerhouses. It will eventually expand to include”top-tier exchanges and industry-leading cryptocurrency solutions offering a wide variety of tools to traders such as margin trading, derivatives, OTC, trading bots, analytics, lending, custody, and staking solutions.”


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