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South Korean Banking Association Concerned Over Surge of the Altcoin Trading Frenzy

2 hours ago

Enya launches public testnet of OMGX: OMG Network’s next-gen Ethereum scaling solution

3 hours ago

Blockchain data provider Covalent (CQT) sells $10M worth of its native token in CoinList public sale

4 hours ago

Free Bitcoin: Papa John’s Giving Away BTC With Pizza Purchases in UK

5 hours ago

Mixin Network integrates Solana blockchain into its layer-2 crypto platform

7 hours ago

‘Bullish’ Cryptocurrency Exchange to Launch With Backing of Billionaire Investors, Investment Bank Nomura

8 hours ago

“Crypto Mainframe is the Eco-System. Three systems to make one. News to make informed choices, Trading to exchange cryptos, and Mining to put your hardware to work”

Nicholas Martin

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