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Bundesliga Star Footballer Kevin Prince Boateng Set To Have Wedding In The Metaverse


Bundesliga Star Footballer Kevin Prince Boateng Set To Have Wedding In The Metaverse

The metaverse is quickly becoming a part of everyday life. It has gone from a niche hobby patronized by mostly gamers to something that everyone can be a part of. As such, there has been the move of ordinary and important personalities into the space. The latest of these is the Bundesliga football star Kevin Prince Boateng who has announced that he plans to have his wedding in the metaverse.

Boateng is marrying model and businesswoman, Valentina Fradegrada, on Saturday, June 11. The wedding ceremony will take place in the metaverse and is being organized by the leading Italian wedding organizer, Enzo Miccio.

Invitations for the wedding will be available as limited edition NFTs on the NFT marketplace OpenSea for a short period of time. Alongside the wedding ceremony, a celebration is set to take place in the OVER metaverse. The location for this celebration has been specially designed and built for the occasion. The pair will be the first to ever tie the knot in the metaverse.

Boateng expressed pleasure at being able to have his wedding in the metaverse. The former Barcelona explained that it gave him the opportunity to do something that no one has done before for his wife to be.

“I wanted to do something special for Valentina, something that nobody had ever done,” said the footballer. “And thanks to Over, we can celebrate our love like no one has done before, in a space location.”

About OVER Metaverse

The OVER metaverse is one of the leading metaverses on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers a world-scale, open-source AR ecosystem that allows users to enjoy live interactions and experiences that have been customized in the real world, as long as they own a mobile device or smart glasses and have access to an internet connection.

In a world that is saturated with numerous players, the OVER metaverse manages to separate itself by being the first content browser where users are not limited by their geographical location. It allows the community to be invested in its growth by being open source, where anyone can contribute to the OVER ecosystem. It is also one of the few metaverses that are completely independent of its creators.

OVER offers AR experiences ranging from static 3D content to interactive, highly complex, and hyper-realistic scenes. This capability enables it to merge the natural world with the virtual world by allowing the users to engage in physical interaction with the surrounding world.

The metaverse has been popular among enthusiasts due to the fact that it is community-centered. The OVER community makes up the rules of the metaverse, and decides on the content, and the tokenomics.

OVER Metaverse Features

OVER metaverse consists of the OVRLands, the OVER Marketplace, and the OVER Ecosystem. Each feature works in tandem with the other to produce the unique experience that is the OVER metaverse.

OVRLands are a grid of hexagons that cover the whole earth’s surface. They’re basically land as they have specific geographic positions and standard dimensions of 300 Square Meters. These lands are the fundamental digital asset in the OVER metaverse. They are available to OVER users and help to boost the economy of OVER.

The OVER Marketplace is one of the only decentralized marketplaces in the metaverse space. Through the use of smart contracts, it facilitates the supply and demand for all digital assets available in the OVER ecosystem, using the OVR tokens as a means of finalizing transactions.

Last but not least is the OVER ecosystem. Here, users are able to purchase OVRLands using their OVR tokens. It also encompasses all of the content that is created by users to produce its highly interactive 3D digital experiences known as the OVRExperience.

These and more are why the OVER metaverse is said to be the next big thing for the blockchain industry and digital world.

Published at Wed, 08 Jun 2022 13:01:50 +0000

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